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Jeannine Henrion was born and raised in Palm Beach County. She attended Florida State University where she studied economics with a special emphasis in tax and finance. A greater than 12 year career in the mortgage industry split between California and Florida enables to Jeannine to help her clients understand that national media information about the real estate and mortgage markets is not necessarily the information that they need to make decisions about the micro economy of Palm Beach County. Jeannine is with Family Mortgage.

The Family Mortgage team is the Jupiter, Florida branch of the mortgage firm, Inc. who's main office is located at 4600 Military Trail Drive, Suite 201, Jupiter, Florida 33458. Phone: 561-265-2660. 

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5 Useful Expert Tips

  • Make every effort to not use credit cards over 30% of the limit. This will reflect well in your credit score it is an indicator that credit is a convenience not leveraged lifestyle.
  • Save, save and save your money. You may not plan on buying a home anytime in the near future, but your land lord understands rents are up and your lease is coming up for renewal. Suddenly, you realize if you are going to worry about paying someone’s mortgage it might as well be your own. Saving money is a good practice anyhow, set an initial goal of 6 months of your gross income in savings where it is easy to reach for opportunity or emergency.
  • A steady work history lends itself to your stability. Certainly, if you are great at your chosen craft opportunities are going to find you, but a new employer every six months does not give you time to show off your talents to anyone. Having a pattern of being at any place of employment for at least two years looks great on your loan application. If you were at your last job for five years and got hired away six months ago with a promotion in title, responsibility and / or higher pay; great job advancement is a compliment to you.
  • Pay your bills on time, don’t let $40 medical bills go to collection. Pay them and fight with your insurance company later. Collections regardless of size hurt your credit score and depending on how many there might be, they can reduce your score to a level that disqualifies you for a home loan, or at the very least lower your score to a point that you don’t get the very best interest rate which will be a significant cost over the life of your loan.
  • When seeking a pre-approval, be sure to work with a loan officer that wants to see your income and asset documentation upfront. Get as much of the possible trouble shooting out of the way in advance; this way when you find the right home you can be excited instead of worried.